We want to offer our clients an extraordinary experience and perfection is the word that best suits our Hotel.

Deluxe Single Room <br>
Deluxe Single Room
The room is fully furnished with attached bathroom, shower with running hot water ......
Deluxe Double Room<br>
Deluxe Double Room
Ideal for couples who need intimacy, or simply for those single travelers who want king size beds... 
<span style="font-weight: bold;">Family Room</span><br>
Family Room
Ideally suited for a family of three, or even four, these rooms are meant for families who want ....
Deluxe Twin Room <br>
Deluxe Twin Room
Twin sharing or for travelling partners, the room has LCD TV's with 24 hour cable channel, attached bathroom with......

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Deluxe Triple Room <br>
Deluxe Triple Room
Whether you're a family or a group of three friends who want to economize on stay or enjoy each other's company.......