Our Rooms

Laughter is brightest where room are nice and clean

As stated, the hotel has gone through a remarkable facelift in the recent months and besides offering privacy and peace, we have given a modern twist to the ancient, both combining to provide you with an ambience that works wonders for your tired senses – you will truly feel that you are on holiday and no one will encroach upon your quality time. The paint, décor and furnitures of the room have been carefully designed and selected to work wonders for your  senses. 

Our rooms have been categorized according to your needs and desires and they are as follows :

NOTE : All rooms have the same amenities ( additional facilities may vary according to our client's needs and requirements ): 


Your room is your private space and pay close attention to that. All rooms have LCD TV's with cable TV, AC , easy connectivity to the Internet through our Wi-Fi services, running hot water and 24 hour room service.

Room Detail & Prices


Deluxe Single

Suitable for Single person
$35 Book
Deluxe Double Bed Ideally suited for a Two , these rooms are meant for Double who want quality $48 Book
Family Beds Ideally suited for a family of three, or even four, these rooms are meant for families who want quality $60 Book

Deluxe Twin Bed

Twin sharing or for travelling partners, the room has LCD TV's with 24 hour cable channel, attach $42 Book

Deluxe Triple Bed
Whether you're a family or a group of three friends who want to economize on stay $60 Book